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In 2006 we started on a major overhaul
of the Boeing N2S-3 Stearman “Old Crow”
After her birth, in Wichita, Kansas USA in 1943,
she worked for many years and now she was tired. She needed maintenance.
Here is a photo series of the work.
We started in September 2006 and were ready in february 2008.


September 2006
Dismantling aircraft
sept06 rar1 sept06 IMG_4412 sept06 P1060276 sept06 rar2 sept06 P1060278
sept06 P1060279 sept06 P1060282 sept06 P1060331 sept06 P1060342 sept06 P1060347
sept06 rar3 sept06 P1060350 sept06 rar4 sept06 P1060352 sept06 P1060359
sept06 P1060378 sept06 P1060396 sept06 P1060419 sept06 P1060456 sept06 rar5
sept06 rar6 sept06 rar7 sept06 rar8    
October 2006-December 2006
Picking up and unpacking parts
oct06-dec06 P1060643 oct06-dec06 P1060644 oct06-dec06 P1060645 oct06-dec06 P1060646 oct06-dec06 P1060647
oct06-dec06 P1060648 oct06-dec06 P1060649 oct06-dec06 P1060650 oct06-dec06 IMG_5472 oct06-dec06 IMG_5473
oct06-dec06 IMG_5470 oct06-dec06 IMG_5471 oct06-dec06 P1060651    
October 2006-August 2007
Overhaul of parts
oct06-aug07 P1060452 oct06-aug07 P1060456 oct06-aug07 P1060457 oct06-aug07 P1060732 oct06-aug07 P1060733
oct06-aug07 P1060735 oct06-aug07 P1060754 oct06-aug07 P1060755 oct06-aug07 P1060757 oct06-aug07 P1060762
oct06-aug07 P1060763 oct06-aug07 P1060770 oct06-aug07 P1060773 oct06-aug07 P1060797 oct06-aug07 IMG_6880
oct06-aug07 P1060799 oct06-aug07 P1060800 oct06-aug07 P1060801 oct06-aug07 P1060806 oct06-aug07 P1060818
oct06-aug07 P1060819 oct06-aug07 P1060820 oct06-aug07 P1060822 oct06-aug07 P1060824 oct06-aug07 P1060834
oct06-aug07 P1060835 oct06-aug07 P1060836 oct06-aug07 P1060837 oct06-aug07 P1060838 oct06-aug07 P1070073
oct06-aug07 P1070144 oct06-aug07 P1070145 oct06-aug07 P1070146 oct06-aug07 IMG_6990 oct06-aug07 P1070240
oct06-aug07 P1070268 oct06-aug07 IMG_6991 oct06-aug07 P1070275 oct06-aug07 P1070306  
November 2006-August 2007
Rebuilding tailsection
nov06-aug07 RTS P1060727 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060728 nov06-aug07 RTS IMG_5835 nov06-aug07 RTS Img_5911 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060776
nov06-aug07 RTS IMG_5914 nov06-aug07 RTS IMG_5913 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060730 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060745 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060746
nov06-aug07 RTS P1060751 nov06-aug07 RTS P1060771 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070149 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070150 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070151
nov06-aug07 RTS P1070152 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070153 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070154 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070156 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070157
nov06-aug07 RTS P1070158 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070159 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070160 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070167 nov06-aug07 RTS P1070169
nov06-aug07 RTS P1070170