Messages From The Sky

Solo or with the two of us. Flying in blue skies, with green meadows under our wings and enchanting horizons ahead of us. Clouds that challenge us.
This inspires the heart and the soul.
Under the title Messages From The Sky, The Storyteller reports the tales of the clouds.


*The multitude of “no’s” and ïf’s” in our vocabulary, deny our true human dignity.

*Your monster grows at every wrong step

*The tourist is on a quest for food for his body.        
*The pilgrim is on a quest for food for his spirit.

 *Moon light has many important functions.
One of them is to inspire the dormant options of the soul. Another one is that she is the queen of the night. Her light promotes new life. She gives nutrition to life forms on earth so that they can give birth to new bornes. The moon is magic. The sun has an other story to tell.

*Queens can only be found by kings

*Recognition can only happen when there is similarity

*Witches and Masters are in a constant duel; being so is the natural state of pure humans

*Feminity has the key to mystic creativity (sorry guys)

*The word "Intuition" comes from INTernal TUITION

*You find the purest water at the beginning of the river

*The trick is to convert life into an adventure with unknown destiny and outcome

*Don’t ask “What is……………?” Ask “What is…………………… for me?”

*You get your salary from feminity.

*I prefer to water the plants when it is dark

*Digesting traumas is the unique domain of the human soul. We are created for that

*With an army you win the war and lose peace

*We slow down the natural expression of our body. Hence the misery

*Moonlight encourages new actions

*Exercising a hobby is consuming time. Manifesting your passion is giving content to time

*By following the animals, you do not need your instruments

*The modern human has the present. The timeless human has the future

*If you can do it in three dimensions, you can surely do it in two dimensions

*The nose is the key to internal knowledge. The voice to external knowledge

*The more rules a society needs, the more her development slows down

*Thirty minutes flying equals thirty days of living

*From a few hundred meters high you can not see men anymore; only the result of his actions

*Biplanes contain a magic that goes beyond words

*Up there it is living in the quadrate

*Stories are the echoes from ancient times and chatter about origin, purpose and direction

*Gras eating is an internal need and an external activity

*It is what is hidden for the eye that makes the difference



Tiny little support

Blue Skies

When all look bad and your life is at stake,
When all that went right is about to break
If every rule fails that you once held for true,
Look up and see, the sky is still blue

Remember the days when you were still young;
When the airfield alive!, is where you belong
No sorrows or grief were bothering you,
The grass was green, the sky always blue

Now that you are older, you may have seen
The grass is still there, but not always green
Mountains and clouds may obscure your sight,
And force you to land, abandon your flight

If all that has failed, is part of you now
And you feel for sure; this is the final blow
The best thing that's left for you to do;
Climb higher and go where the sky is still blue


To Soar Like a bird!

I once made a promise to soar like a bird
My cry of laughter was to be heard!
With wings on my shoulder and feathers so light
I would fly like an eagle and land all right

No engine was needed to keep me up there
Ha! My landings so light, without a flare!
Starting my flight without any plan
I would go forever, where ever I can

I chat to my buddies that are around
I flap my wings, without any sound
Adventures to come and colleagues to meet
Just hug them all! It is time to greet

When sunset is there and the day comes to end
It is time to say bye to a lovely friend
It is neither a woman, nor is it a man
But the day of tomorrow, I'll meet it again!


Broken wings

My wings are broken, I am forced to land
My engine has stopped, my tail is bent
Just moments ago, my plane was all right
My plans are shattered by seven red lights

Time to take action has suddenly gone
I try to imagine what must have gone wrong
In a flash of brightness, it comes to my mind
I treated my plane not so very kind

While cleaning her wings before we would fly
My eyes were distracted by a wonderful sky
Now she tells me a lesson of friendship and care
Your mind and eyes should be constantly here

When you treat me with tender and give me your love
I will remember when we are above
I may not be able to take care of it all
But I’ll be your friend in case we stall