The aviation story of Hans Nordsiek, the man behind The Storyteller, takes some interesting turns. In his youth, he built model aeroplanes, took up gliding and attended aviation schools. He worked in aircraft maintenance, became a pilot, flew different types of aircraft and ultimately became the captain of a Boeing 777 aircraft.
In 1990, he fulfilled his childhood dream with the purchase of a 1943 biplane: a Boeing N2S-3 Stearman, called "Old Crow".

His experiences taught him the following: The real aviation story is a people's story. With this story of dreaming and doing, of trial and error, The Storyteller set forth into the world. His working method is as unique as it is varied. Thousands of people already enjoyed his effervescent variety performances at national and international events, featuring inspiring stories, humorous acts and spontaneous flashes of wit.

One of his passions is theater. Especially one aspect and that is street theater . This discipline really gets him alive. While improvising, he finds his way through the audience. While looking for common grounds with his audience, he finds silence. This is what he wants.

The Storyteller develops creative activities inside and outside aviation. He will be pleased to join you on your journey through different worlds and look for breeding-grounds for your dreams and ideas.
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Hans Nordsiek

Year of construction : 1959
Flight experience : 14000 hours
Licences : European ATPL, US CPL and CFI/II
Education : Degree aviation engineering, theatre courses