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Do you want to fly in a legendary machine, in an open-top aircraft, with flying goggles and leather helmet? You can now!

The Storyteller takes you into his world in the Boeing N2S-3 Stearman "Old Crow", an aircraft of many lives and stories. War pilots, crop duster pilots and others have flown this aircraft. You too can now experience the mysticism that airmen talk about.
Join the adventure, thirties style! First a briefing and then up in the air. You will operate the control stick under supervision. When the large radial engine falls silent after landing, you will truly ask yourself: was this for real or a dream?
As a souvenir of your flight, you will be issued a unique Flight Certificate.

Make your flight totally complete and purchase the DVD with unique historic footage AND video recordings of your flight!

An individual VIP program, highlighted with a 20 minute flight in the famous Boeing N2S-3 Stearman Old Crow.
Per person: € 199,00. Air born recording on DVD: € 51,00. Additional flying time at € 40,00 per five minutes.


For bookings follow these steps:

1) Click here and consult our agenda for a date and time for your VIP Airtour
2) Send an email to with your selected date and time. Mention your mobile number!
3) You will get a confirmation message from us for your booking

Flights are made from Breda International Airport (Sepp), the Netherlands

Address Hangar: Hangar 02, Bredasebaan 1, 4744 RZ Bosschenhoofd (Breda International Airport)
the Netherlands.
You and your guests can have an excellent seat at the nearby brasserrie Hangar 01 ( with perfect view on the flying activities, enjoying a tasty lunch, for example

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“The archetype of movement is walking. The archetype of flying is flying a biplane”.