A subtle story, a speechless act, The Storyteller creates an atmosphere using a minimum of tools.
In the presence of people, he will search for the binding factor, loud or modest, serious or exuberant, playful and sincere, respect where it is due, intimate if possible.
Customised acts for any (aviation) event, for any venue and/or theme.
The Storyteller performs everywhere, even in Jumbo Jets cargo spaces.

We arrive with the Boeing N2S-3 Stearman Old Crow or otherwise. Before that, we have close contact with the organisation. We start a quest for the very core of your event. Whether it be for a jubilee, a grand air show, a Fly In or,  just, because aviation is worth celebrating.
By the way, we speak Dutch, English and German, although we prefer speechless mime conversation. Our own music system makes us audible for all.
We develop a program with acts and narrations that fits exactly your wishes. For all ages and, of course, for all nationalities. After all, we talk and breathe airplanes. You get a proposal with all the cost, without hidden surprises.

The Storyteller has 35 years of experience in aviation and flew aircraft at air shows for ten years. The combination of this with his passion for theatre, result into a magical mix that always surprises the audience.
Make your event into a unique one and contact us.


United in our differences and diversity