Genre: Aviation Theater, Variety
Meant for: All ages, International audience
Language: Dutch, English, German
Playtime: Continuous
Set up time: One hour
Location: Any airport
Equipment: Self supporting with own audio system
Needed on location: 220 Volt within 30 meters, vijf simple chairs plus a
  table (ca. 1x1 m.)

In the twenties, flying pioneers explore the world. They land their biplanes near barns and for some bread and fuel many are given their maiden flight. Aviation becomes known. “Barnstorming” is a fact.
The Storyteller breathes life into that ambience through the Boeing N2S-3 Stearman “Old Crow” and an entertaining variety programme.
It features interrogative and narrative performances for young and old, interactive theatre with music and sound effects and an air trip raffle. All this, combined with spontaneous moments of inspiration, takes the spectator into the world of passion, devotion and magic.

The Storyteller brings something unique with Barnstorming! This successful act was performed for dozens of times in several countries. It showed to score high points with the audience as well as the organising parties. Also the international press issued many positive reactions.

The real aviation story is a people's story.